The Greenlea Story


Premium Export Quality New Zealand Beef, Lamb & Venison Direct To Your Door

Greenlea is a family owned and operated business that traces its roots to the New Zealand east coast town of Gisborne. Peter Egan, Greenlea’s founder, has spent his lifetime working in the New Zealand meat industry, but got his start working in the family’s Gisborne butcher shop in the 1960s. In 1993 Greenlea’s first plant was built on the outskirts of Hamilton. Following the success of the Hamilton plant, Greenlea purchased its second plant in Morrinsville in 1997.

More than twenty years after its first plant was commissioned, Greenlea is still managed by the Egan family. In 2011, carrying on the family tradition, Peter’s son James became chairman of the Greenlea Board of Directors. Tony Egan, Peter’s nephew, also returned to Greenlea after 12 years, as managing director. Peter’s son, Simon, and daughter, Caroline, are also directors on the board.

Greenlea’s family involvement does not end at the board table. The team spirit that pervades the company reflects the values and the strong family culture. Being one team is at the heart of what we do and how we do it. It’s Greenlea’s people working as one team that makes us successful. We’re big enough to achieve but still small enough to care. We’re passionate about our farmers, our products and our story.

In 2017, in partnership with Ovation (lamb) and First Light (venison), we launched the Greenlea Butcher Shop. We are committed to bringing the finest export quality red meat to every New Zealand table that cherishes local, wants the best and enjoys the convenience of online shopping and direct to your door delivery.


In addition to our Greenlea Grassfed NZ Beef, we stock the following brands

Ovation Lamb

Ovation is a 100% New Zealand owned company, specialising in Lamb. Ovation has roots dating back to the 1980’s and they continually strive to deliver consumers the world’s best-quality lamb. Ovation are firm believers in the saying, “you are what you eat!” so they ensure their lamb is grass-fed for life and 100% free range, making it beautifully tender and flavourful.

All lambs are raised as nature intended without genetically engineered feed or any added antibiotics. Their farmers raise their animals using best practice farm management systems. Processed with skill and care, Ovation Lamb meets the highest international quality standards. Ovation lamb is produced to suit multiple cuisine options., and which ever way you prepare it, the tenderness and natural 100% grass fed flavour will always be uncompromised.

First Light Venison

The First Light story began in 2003 with an idea to be a revolutionary new meat company connecting the people who make the product with the people who eat it, transparently and directly. The company values developed in 2003 remain the foundations of First Light today. They act with integrity and humility in everything they do, take pride in being innovators and creators, raise their animals with care and respect for both the animal and the environment and deliver profitable returns for everyone in the value chain. First Light define success as a happy and rewarding life.

Restore Bone Broth

Restore Bone Broth, understands that in this day and age there is a need to consume healthy foods that are chemical free. They have created a clean, natural flavour rich broth that is packed full of readily absorbable nutrients to support the health of your gut and in turn the health of your entire body by boosting your immune system and reducing inflammation.

Their 24 hour plus slow simmer process creates a nutrient dense broth by extracting all the goodness from the bones including amino acids, collagen and glutamine that have amazing power to transform your health.