Scotch Steak (2x300g)

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Scotch Steak (2x300g)

Alternatively know as ribeye or cuberoll.

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Considered by many chefs to be the best steak cut, with its balance of tenderness and fat marbling. The Scotch fillet (also known as a ribeye) is a favourite with the staff at Greenlea. The fat marbling of the scotch fillet helps the meats’ flavour develop as it cooks, while the fine grain results in tenderness every time.

A scotch fillet is perfect seared on the BBQ, or if you want to get a little more experimental it is the perfect cut to reverse sear. Reverse searing is cooking the meat at a low temperature until it reaches your desired internal temperature. This can be achieved by either in a low oven or smoker, then sear it quickly to finish.


2x Scotch steak, 300g each (approx. 600g)

100% Grass fed New Zealand Meat